Large assortment Bromeliads

Best Bromelia is the Bromelia specialist in the Netherlands. For years, we have been specialized in the cultivation of Bromeliads in various species, colors and shapes. Thanks to our optimized logistic process, we are able to deliver the shapes, colors and compositions quickly. We offer a matching pot for each Bromeliad. These pots are available in various styles and colors to match the Bromeliad's colors.


Sustainable cultivation of Bromeliads

Best Bromelia uses solar panels. The solar energy is converted into usable power and in this way contributes to a better and cleaner living environment. We are also affiliated with Geo-Well which stands for sustainable, environmentally friendly horticultural products aimed at a cleaner future. In all facets of the company we are consciously working to contribute to this.

Environmental Project Floriculture

The customer is king, as the saying goes, and we certainly act accordingly. Certification is indispensable and certainly provides added value. We are therefore fully committed to growing plants in the most environmentally friendly way possible. By adopting this environmentally-conscious attitude, we have been A-qualified since the beginning of the MPS registration 601058 (Environmental Project Floriculture).


Bromeliads of the highest quality

Years of cultivation experience, a motivated team and employees who care for Bromeliads with a passion: the basis for delivering absolute quality. Time and again. We regularly participate in trade fairs. This keeps us up to date with new developments and enables us to provide our customers with the best possible service. We are also progressive in technological developments and we have:

a camera sorting machine
automatic transport system
automatic climate control system
We guarantee the quality that buyers expect from a Bromeliad. We don't disappoint and we keep our promises.

Transport of Bromeliads under own management

We have our own transport and can supplement this if necessary by calling in our regular transport company. This ensures speed and efficiency. Our staff will pack your order carefully, ensuring that the Bromeliads you order are delivered on time and in the desired quality.

Specialist in large mixed batches and day trading of Bromeliads

Best Bromelia is specialised in the delivery of large mixed batches and the daily trade in 12 cm pots. We put together the large mixed batches ourselves from the available stock. You can easily order the desired ceramic pot for the desired Bromelia color. A real added value for your Bromeliad. This way, you can compose your own beautiful mixed batches. Of course, you can also let us do that for you. We can deliver very quickly for the daily trade. Our working method is focused on efficiency. That's why we work on optimising our logistics process on a daily basis.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.