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A beautiful mix of different Bromeliads

A mix of different species of Bromelia? Or perhaps a mix of one type of Bromelia in a sleek color combination. Beautifully matching ceramic pots, covers and decorative covers in various combinations are purchaseable. At Best Bromelia we create the complete look.

Een voorbeeld van een Bromelia Original mix


Several species of this genus are grown for use as houseplants. The Guzmania can go outside as a patio plant in a shady location during the summer. This type of bromeliad has a wide variety of bract colors. The plant dies once it has had its flowers. Once the plant has flowered, new plants can be grown from the cuttings that appear. The Guzmania requires relatively warm temperatures, high humidity and dislikes drafts.

Een voorbeeld van een Bromelia Special mix


The Vriesea has dazzling pop colors and bizarre shapes. The Vriesea is a tropical party in a pot. The pots at Best Bromelia can be completely matched to the colors of the bromelia, so you get a stunning look. Vriesea belongs to the Bromelia family of Bromeliaceae. More than 150 different species of Vriesea can be found in nature.

Een voorbeeld van een Bromelia Excellent mix

Voor iedere gelegenheid een speciaal samengesteld thema

Best Bromelia has the ability to respond quickly to the various holidays. We have a large stock of ceramics and other complementary items, which enables us to handle large-scale retail and day-to-day trade orders, both on a long and short-term basis.

For every occasion we can put together a special assortment in consultation with you in the specific colors and packaging that match the theme.